An Angel’s Warning

About a year before my daughter left this side, I began having dreams which I now realize were prophetic. In other words, they were a prediction of what the future would bring.

I had many dreams where I was holding onto her as a tornado would try and rip her from me. I would hold on to her hand for dear life. I would sit in the school hallway with her. I would look for her after the wreckage of a tornado.

By far the strongest foretelling dream was that of the end of the world. I have had many dreams of fire and bombs being the end of the world, but this was the rapture.

This occurred as people stood along a beach. The sky was pink in hue. The trumpet sounded loudly, much like a tornado siren but it didn’t ever stop. It rang the entire time. Angels began proceeding from the clouds. The angels were so large they would make up about 3-4 humans in height. They were neither male nor female.

People ran around, scared. They were being lifted up into the sky by the energy that sustains us all. The same energy that sustains souls, light, and God.

The waves of the ocean were strong in their might. They rolled in like thunder and swashed against the beach. Waves too, are controlled by energy.

Families were falling to their knees with their hands up to the sky. I stood still in awe watching all of this occur and then realized what was actually happening. I hoped the people ready and willing to go would keep the angels occupied while I ran and looked for my child.

I began screaming Rylie’s name. My son, was running with me. An inner-knowing helped me to feel that my husband and step-daughter were ok.

This moment brought sheer panic which shook my core. I had to find Rylie. I screamed for her, and continued to run. An angel swooped down and softly spoke to me “She is already with us.” I argued and yelled at this angel as I began crying and yet, still running. “No! She isn’t, I have to find her!” I continued to scream my daughters name. “Rylie, where are you?!”

The angel continued to follow me and insist that Rylie was already with them.

I fell to my knees in agony. “No, why? No! Please? Don’t take her from me, we were supposed to leave together if this happened.”

“It was her time” the angel said.

I felt defeated. I felt like I had been forsaken. I felt exhausted.

I woke in a sweat with my heart beating incredibly hard. I uncovered and ran to my daughter’s room. She was sitting on her bed, drawing.

“Hi mommy, look what I have been drawing.” My heart sank. I ran to her crying and kissed her forehead. “Sissy, I am so glad to see you this morning my little love bug.”

“I love you mommy” she said in her precious little twelve year old voice.

I felt relieved. I felt hopeful.

Until the day Rylie left me. The dream immediately came back to me.

I had no idea that the angels were trying to tell me to be prepared. I often wonder if I was supposed to do anything differently. I watched her closely, I let her know how much I love her every single day. I did not mistreat her, but was understanding and loving.

I wish that messages were received as plainly as we would like. That just isn’t the case. There is free will and the fact that we are souls here to learn. If we knew everything, what would be the point of living?

We are to live and learn, love and learn, and grieve and learn.

This is Earth School.

My dreams are what guided me for the longest time and sometimes still do. It is often where we start when we are waking. I can remember dreams from as early as three years old. Every dream has meant something about my waking life.

There is a sense of guilt that rains over me daily for being so naive to think that these were anything less than what they actually were; warnings.

I wish I could change free will, but not even God will do that.

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