Three Days After

Three days after Rylie passed away things began happening in our home. The television would turn on and off while we were watching it.

The video we had made for Rylie’s funeral is on a thumb drive. It is a photo compilation of her growing up. The television would stop what we were watching, flip input to the thumb drive and her video would begin to play. This occurred five times once for each person in our home to see it.

My husband did not believe us when we told him this was happening. One day however when he was playing on his xbox (which him and Rylie played together frequently) his xbox stopped. The television switched input and her video began to play. He switched the input back immediately. The television switched back to her video. This went on about four or five times until he sat and watched her entire video.

Rylie was/is a Diva. I am certain this is her way of telling us she is here. There is so much more to tell.

I can’t wait to share it all!

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